Giving to MMACC

It’s been said that one dreamer breathes life into the next.  At Mary Magdalene Apostle Catholic Community we have embraced the dream of a transformed Roman Catholic Church.  Financial support is essential to breathe life into this dream and to keep it alive for future generations.  To underscore our commitment, we support a full-time paid priest (ordained through Roman Catholic WomanPriests), a part-time musician, and a part time administrative assistant as well as a variety of social justice activities. We have an annual Sunday collection pledge drive and a variety of other fundraising activities, including planned giving.

Your donation will help to make our vision for a welcoming and inclusive Catholic Church a reality.  We welcome gifts from persons who share our vision but live too far away to attend Sunday liturgy. Most donors simply write a small or large check or arrange a money order payable to “MMACC” and mail it to: 

MMACC c/o Gethsemane Lutheran Church

2696 Melbourne  Dr.

San Diego, CA  92123. 

Such cash gifts enable us to put your contribution to  work right away. Here are some other ways you can donate to Mary Magdalene Apostle Catholic Community (MMACC) a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation (Federal Tax ID Number:  26-0136035).

Convenient Ways to Donate to MMACC

  • Automated Check Payment: Some of our donors find it convenient to have their bank send monthly checks directly to MMACC from their bank accounts. You can usually set this up through "online bill pay" with your bank. Use the above address as the payee address.  It has been our experience that banks generally do not charge for this service. You should be able to set up a recurring or one time payment based on your preference. 

  • Zelle: Another way to have payments made directly from your bank or credit union to MMACC's bank account is to use Chase Bank's Zelle system. Even if you don't bank at Chase, many other banks or credit unions have arrangements with Chase to accept Zelle payments. This system sends payments electronically rather than by mailing paper checks, as the Automated Check Payment systems discussed above do. There is usually no extra charge for using this service. You control both the amount and times when payments are sent. It can be done from either a website on your computer or from an App on your smartphone. You direct your donation to MMACC simply by using the following email address: No MMACC account numbers or routing numbers are needed. MMACC's bank statements will show entries with the amounts and names of donors who choose to give in this way. If interested, check with your bank or credit union to see if this is available and how to set it up.

  • By Phone / Online (via Givelify): Givelify is an app that allows you to give using your credit/debit card. It's free to download and use and you can set up single or recurring donations. You can download the Givelify app for your phone (android & iOS). Just search for "Mary Magdalene Apostle" and it should come up with our address. Feel free to "favorite" MMACC to make it easier  to donate. To donate online using givelify, just click the button below. 
    Note: Givelify charges MMACC 2.9% + $0.30 per donation, however the simplicity of use makes it an attractive option.

  • Online (via Network for Good): MMACC also welcomes Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card gifts via Network for Good, an online donation system that serves thousands of nonprofit organizations. Simply click here to donate via Network for Good..  Note: The website charges the donor a 5% fee on donation amount. You have the option of paying the fee in addition to the donation or having fee deducted from donation amount.
  • Stock donations:  
    Others have found the gifting of stocks to be particularly beneficial from a tax standpoint, a way both to avoid capital gains taxes and to receive full value as a charitable deduction. Current MMACC investment policy states that all stock received will be sold immediately. To transfer stock electronically, send a letter to your broker or banker stating you wish to transfer securities to MMACC. Specify the type of stock, the number of shares that you are donating, whether your gift is unrestricted or for a specific purpose, and the date by which the gift should be transferred (two to three business days is normal). Your letter should also include information that we will provide you.  Please call (619-259-0451), email (, or complete the Contact Us Form regarding the gift and to provide information as to what and how much is being transferred.  We will provide you with transfer instructions.

  • CARS Vehicle Donation Program: Supporters may donate a car, truck, motorcycle, RV, or boat to CARS.  MMACC will receive a portion of the proceeds from each donated vehicle, while the donor may receive a tax deduction. CARS will retain a portion of the proceeds in return for handling the whole process of pick-up, repairs if needed, sales, and paperwork, such as tax forms. Donors will receive an IRS form 1098-C from CARS after the vehicle is sold.  Donations are not credited for tax purposes until the vehicle is sold, so donors should be aware of this if donating late in the year. For more information or to make arrangements to donate a vehicle, please visit MMACC’s CARs landing page at . CARS stands for Charitable Adult Rides and Services.  Like MMACC, CARS is a 501(c)3 organization.


  • Single Annual Donation: 
    Another option is to make a single, annual donation via check, credit card, disbursement from an IRA, disbursement from a charitable investment fund, or donation of stock. 

  • More on IRA Disbursements:
    Though mentioned above under Single Annual Donations, IRA Disbursements can also be used to make multiple donations throughout the year if so desired. Either way, these disbursements are arranged by contacting the financial institution that is the custodian of your IRA. There may be a simple form to fill out for each disbursement. If certain qualifications are met, which most MMACC members probably do, then such disbursements become Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD), which have the big advantage of being exempt from federal income tax. Due to the age of our community, many of us are subject to Required Minimum Distributions (RMD), which means that we have to withdraw funds from our IRAs each year whether we need the money or not, and these withdrawals are usually subject to tax. But designating the withdrawals as QCDs is a way to not only support MMACC but also to help satisfy RMD requirements while avoiding the usual taxes on them . If interested in this, we recommend that you discuss it with your tax advisor and IRA custodian to be certain that you qualify and that the correct procedures are followed.

Planning your estate

Naming MMACC as a beneficiary in your estate plan is one of the most enduring ways to leave a legacy enabling others to enjoy in the future the special spiritual experiences and social justice contributions MMACC provides today. Almost any kind of asset can be used for an estate gift to MMACC. Some examples:

  • Cash, equities, and real estate
  • Retirement accounts
  • Life insurance and annuities
  • Business and partnership interests
  • Tangible personal property

One member who has made a bequest to MMACC states, “MMACC is the most significant and gratifying spiritual experience of my life….It is important to me that MMACC is a beacon of reform within the larger Catholic community.” Another declares, “I had been wishing and praying for several decades to find a Catholic community that would be true to my values and life experiences and I have found it here. I want to contribute to MMACC’s future by leaving a legacy in my will that can be used to strengthen this space of spiritual freedom and joy for future generations.”

We recognize the importance of expert financial advice in helping each person to develop an estate plan that meets their particular circumstances and philanthropic interests. Consequently, we recommend that persons who are considering making an estate gift to MMACC consult their financial and/or legal advisors. We at MMACC will be happy to discuss our giving options and needs and to facilitate your gift in any way that will be helpful.