Frequently asked questions

Do you have to be Catholic to attend MMACC?   

  • MMACC welcomes visitors from all faith traditions and others who may simply be curious about the MMACC community and our spirituality.  We consider ourselves to be “seekers” who have found a home in our community. We welcome all fellow seekers regardless of gender, ethnicity, or religious background.

How is MMACC different from a “regular” Catholic Church?

  • In many ways MMACC liturgy is similar to that of the Roman Catholic Mass.  The differences are what distinguishes MMACC as a progressive Catholic community committed to reform of the institutional church:  a) ordination of women priests and having women pastors; b) a theology that presents God with both feminine and masculine characteristics; c) inclusive language in liturgy and music; d) contemporary profession of faith and “Our Father” prayers; e) active community participation in professing the liturgy, especially the Eucharistic prayer (with passages in several languages) and consecration; and f) a Eucharist open to all.  MMACC also practices democratic and shared governance open and transparent to the entire MMACC community.


Is MMACC recognized by the Vatican and the Diocese of San Diego?  Does MMACC attendance “count” in meeting one’s Sunday church obligation?

  • MMACC is not officially recognized as a Roman Catholic parish by the Diocese of San Diego, or the Vatican.  As such, MMACC attendance does not fulfill an “official” Sunday Roman Catholic attendance obligation. At MMACC we believe that Sunday church attendance is a matter for individual determination.  We are open to dialogue with the Vatican. Cordial communication has occurred between MMACC and the Diocese.

How did you choose your name?

  • Mary Magdalene has been called “apostle to the apostles.”  She was the first person to whom Jesus appeared at the time of the Resurrection.  Committed to transformation of the Roman Catholic Church, including the ordination of women priests, what could be more intentional than naming our community Mary Magdalene Apostle Catholic Community?  Our name was chosen democratically by vote of our founding community in 2005.  

Why do you have women priests?

  • Our women priests manifest our belief that all genders, including women, are equal in the eyes of God, that the nature of God is reflected all creation, and that the future of Catholicism depends on the full participation of all in the priesthood.

Do you perform same-sex marriages?

  • MMACC believes that all persons have the right to marry.  Many of our members are also members of the LGBTQ community and several have married in MMACC wedding ceremonies.

Why do you meet in a Lutheran church?

  • From the beginning we have shared sacred space with other congregations. MMACC and Gethsemane Lutheran Church (GLC) share ecumenical Christian values. GLC supports MMACC’s commitment to equality of all people regardless of gender, ethnicity and religious beliefs, including the performance of same-sex marriage.

Do you have a youth program?

  • We believe that serving children and their families is essential to the future of our community. MMACC offers a program for children and youth from ages pre-K to 12.  A first communion class is offered periodically for early grade elementary students and our first confirmation class is being offered during Fall 2017 for middle and high school students.   

What kind of liturgical music program do you have?

  • MMACC offers a musical program featuring hymns, praise and popular music that express our values.  We have a Sunday liturgy cantor, a choir, and instrumental musicians. Our congregation participates enthusiastically in singing as a central form of worship in our liturgy.

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