what to expect at liturgy

Our liturgy is based on the traditional catholic liturgy, however, parts of it may be a bit different from what you're used to. 

  • Expect to be welcomed

    Don’t be surprised if multiple people welcome you to our community.  As a community, we celebrate and value all.


    When asked by another member what she found “different”  about our Community,  Joy  said,  “People will ask you your name…  … and they will REMEMBER  your name the next week when they see you!”

  • liturgical celebration

    Expect to participate in the Liturgy.  In many churches, it seems the choir performs and the congregation becomes an audience.  At MMACC, we ALL sing to the common Contemporary hymns.   PLEASE  Join in !!

  • Women priests

    We are committed to Women’s Ordination, therefore it is a priority to have a woman preside at Liturgy.

  • Introducing yourself

    At the very beginning of the Mass, new guests are introduced.  IF  YOU  FEEL COMFORTABLE,   please stand up and introduce yourself and where you are from—or ask a fellow member to introduce you.  We recognize and respect that for various reasons some may wish to remain anonymous.  We will do our best to respect your wishes.

  • inclusive language and liturgy

    We use inclusive language, recognizing that the God is beyond gender. 

    In our liturgy, we try to make sure our language for God is inclusive and expansive - meaning you'll hear things like "humankind" or "people" instead of "mankind." Our goal in this is to make sure that ALL people feel included in our liturgy. For more on inclusive language, see the MCC's guidelines

  • Prayer of jesus

    What is commonly referred to as the Lord’s Prayer or the Our Father has been translated in many ways and versions over the last 2,000 years. At Mary Magdalene, we usually recite or sing a contemporary version  - providing the words in the worship aid so that everyone can participate. 

  • Eucharistic prayer

    The congregation joins in during the Eucharistic Prayer.  Various members recite parts of the Eucharistic Prayer and serve communion.   The parts spoken or sung by the congregation are identified in bold type in the Worship Aid.

  • sign of peace

    This is radically different from what is commonly held in canonical churches.  Many people will greet you and shake your hand or give you a gentle embrace at the Kiss of Peace.

  • Receiving communion

    At MMACC we try to practice the hymn ‘All are [truly] welcome in this place…’

    We don’t ask for Baptismal Certificates. We don’t ask to see annulment declarations. As we say in our Eucharistic Prayer, "…at MMACC we believe this is God’s table. Christ is our host. All who feel called are welcome to receive..."

    We offer Gluten-free Eucharistic bread and the option of either wine or grape juice.  Please follow the lead of others in your row.