Online  liturgy & Livestreaming

Although our buildings are closed, church remains open and we gather regularly online.  We invite you  to join us on Zoom for our liturgies.  (We will attempt to stream them to our facebook page, providing technology cooperates.) You may find it useful to download  and install zoom in advance of liturgy - which can be done on a smart  phone, tablet, or computer. A video tutorial on how to use zoom can be found here and this document contains some helpful tips. Please reach out if you have questions or need assistance. We'd be happy to help. 

Since we will all be participating from our homes, we invite you to create sacred space in your homes as you join us - some have found it useful to have bread and wine (or similar) at home to share in our communion meal and to have a candle lit. Worship aids for each liturgy will  be uploaded to our Online Liturgy page by noon on the day of the liturgy.

  • While we encourage you to join zoom for a full participatory effect, our liturgies will also be live streamed and available to view on To watch, click the red "Live" button at the appointed time. If you're joining us for Sunday Eucharist, we invite to share bread and wine in your own home as part of our spiritual communion and Agape meal. 

  • All recordings are archived on our YouTube Channel and our liturgies video page.

  • Thursday Liturgy, every Thursday at noon. - Zoom Link.
    The zoom room opens at noon and liturgy begins at 12:15pm (pacific). 

  • Prayer Resources for a Pandemic

Past Liturgies

Thursday, April 9 - Holy Thursday

  • Worship Aid
  • Video
  • Suggested items: Bread/crackers and wine/juice to share during our spiritual communion, A bowl with water and a towel to participate in the symbolic washing of the hands, a bell, noisemaker, or instrument for the Gloria.

Sunday, April 5 - Palm Sunday

  • Worship Aid
  • Video
  • Suggested items: In lieu of palms, we invite you to have greens, branches, flowers, colored paper or fabric to wave during the hosanna. Bread/crackers and wine/juice to share during our spiritual communion. In addition, you may wish to add candles or red fabric/paper to your space. 

March 29 - Fifth Sunday in Lent

Sunday, March 22 - Fourth Sunday in Lent

Sunday, March 15 - Third Sunday in Lent