Online  liturgy & Livestreaming

Although our buildings are closed, church remains open and we gather regularly online.  We invite you  to join us on Zoom for our liturgies.  (Sunday Mass & Feast Day Liturgies are streamed to our facebook page, providing technology cooperates.) You may find it useful to download and install zoom in advance of liturgy - which can be done on a smart phone, tablet, or computer. A video tutorial on how to use zoom can be found here and this document contains some helpful tips. Please reach out if you have questions or need assistance. We'd be happy to help. 

Since we will all be participating from our homes, we invite you to create sacred space in your homes as you join us - some have found it useful to have bread and wine (or similar) at home to share in our communion meal and to have a candle lit. Worship aids for Sundays and major feast days will be uploaded to our Online Liturgy page a few hours before the service on the day of the liturgy.

  • Mass on Zoom - Sunday, March 7 - 5pm PST - Second Sunday of Lent - Zoom Link Worship Aid 

  • Compline Prayer, every Monday at 7pm PST - Zoom Link
    Compline is the "completion" of the day and it is spent with our God.  The Compline we offer on Monday evenings is about 20 minutes of winding down, hearing images that might comfort and connect us with the Divine as we begin to prepare for bed.  Please join us as you can for this lovely way to begin our rest for the night.

  • Centering Prayer, every Tuesday at 11am PST - Contact Diane for more info

  • Liturgy of word and prayer, every Thursday at noon PST. - Zoom Link.
    The zoom room opens at noon and liturgy begins at 12:15pm pacific. 

  • Stations of the Cross - Friday, Feb 26; Friday, March 12; Friday, March 26 at 7pm Pacific - Zoom Link
    In light of the success of our Advent Story & Song prayer last December, the Liturgy Committee will sponsor 3 Friday evenings during Lent for prayerful reflection on the Stations of the Cross focusing on current Social Justice topics.  We invite you to take part in simple meals at home on these evenings (for example soup and bread), then join together for Stations of the Cross on ZOOM at 7 pm. Similar to our Advent experience, we invite members of the community to serve as lectors and speakers for these evenings. If you are willing to lector, write reflections, read poetry, lead songs, etc., for these evenings please contact Suzie Knapp.  We will use the Scriptural Stations of the Cross with each service lasting approximately 1 hour.  

    Friday, Feb 26 @ 7 pm
    • Station 1 - Jesus Prays in the Garden of Gethsemane (Emotional Pain)
    • Station 2 - Jesus is Betrayed by Judas (Sexual Abuse by Clergy) 
    • Station 3 - Jesus is Condemned (Covid -19 Pandemic) 
    • Station 4 - Peter Denies Jesus (Denial) 
    • Station 5 - Jesus is Judged by Pilate (Equal Justice) 
     Friday, March 12 @ 7 pm
    • Station 6 - Jesus is Scourged (Racial Injustice) 
    • Station 7 - Jesus Carries the Cross (Modern-day Martyrs) 
    • Station 8 - Simon Helps Jesus Carry the Cross (Human Trafficking) 
    • Station 9 - Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem (Migrant Families) 
    • Station 10 - Jesus is Crucified (Capital Punishment)   
     Friday, March 26 @ 7 pm
    • Station 11 - Jesus Forgives the Good Thief (Restorative Justice) 
    • Station 12 - Jesus Speaks to His Mother & Beloved Disciple (Caregivers) 
    • Station 13 - Jesus Dies on the Cross - Silent Prayer
    • Station 14 - Jesus' Body is Placed in the Tomb (Environmental Justice) 
    • Station 15 - The Resurrection (We are the Body of Christ) 
  • Funeral Mass & Celebration of Life for Al O'Brien - Saturday, Feb 13 - 2pm PST - YouTube Recording | Worship Aid

  • Prayer Resources for a Pandemic

Past Liturgies are archived on our liturgy videos page, our youtube page, and on our Facebook videos pagePast Worship Aids can be found here