2022 MMACC Renewal Process

We are beginning a process of reflection and discernment as we recommit to our MMACC mission statement. We know our world has changed. We know we have changed.

It is inevitable that our church is changed.

We invite you to commit to a small group discussion beginning the week of March 21. Each small group will meet on Zoom and be facilitated by a member of the CLC. Choose a time which is most convenient for you, mindful that each group will meet for a series of 4 conversations. Every two weeks, each group will gather to reflect on a series of common questions evaluating our communal vision and commitments. Feedback from each group will be kept anonymous, summarized in writing and sent to the CLC to be collected and presented at a future townhall. Using the metaphor of resurrection, we hope this process will breathe new life into our community, acknowledging how we have grown and been changed since our founding, in particular in light of the pandemic.

We hope you will be part of this revitalization!

Sign Up Here to be part of the process.